Major Conference Success for Team Evolve Marketing

Evolve Marketing's President discussed the many positive outcomes of the conference the firm recently hosted. She highlighted a few unique benefits that come with attending major industry events.

A recent regional conference brought together top performers from the Utah and Arizona offices. Kate, the President of Evolve Marketing, explained that her team was honored to host this prestigious gathering. The conference, which took place Oct. 11-13, was an ideal opportunity to learn from some of the highest-achieving event managers in the region. Kate added that the networking potential at the event was also a prime attraction.

Kate noted that sharing best practices with event managers from other markets is one of the best ways for members of Team Evolve Marketing to sharpen their skill sets. She explained that there’s always a buzz in the company’s workspace after a big event like the regional conference, as event managers share the insights they’ve picked up and discuss how to apply them.

Attending a conference is also a good confidence booster for even the most accomplished event managers. Kate noted that team members get to highlight their own recent achievements and ambitious future goals as they converse with their successful peers. She added that Evolve Marketing’s reputation grows in the process as well, setting the stage for future wins.

Evolve Marketing’s President on the Benefits of Attending Industry Events With Teammates

While the learning and networking opportunities that come with attending conferences and other big events are valuable, Kate stated that there are many other benefits. Traveling with colleagues is in itself a rewarding experience for a variety of reasons. People who work alongside each other every day get to see different positive traits when they spend time in new settings. A hidden talent or shared interest that reveals itself through a networking discussion can lead to even stronger collaboration back on the job. The President noted that teamwork often takes on new dimensions when Evolve Marketing event managers return from an event like the regional conference.

Heading out to industry gatherings also gives team members chances to reflect on what’s working well and project into an even more successful future. Kate explained that taking a fresh view of ongoing projects is easier when people get out of their familiar surroundings. This helps to generate innovative ideas and gets team members even more inspired to shake things up back at the home office.

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