Evolve Marketing Congratulates Reggie on His Promotion

Kate S., President of Evolve Marketing, congratulated Reggie on his promotion to assistant manager. She discussed the traits that helped him move into the role, and the specifics of his new position.

​It’s always exciting for Kate to see someone on Team Evolve Marketing achieve an ambitious career goal, and few targets are more fulfilling than the assistant manager position. This is the final step before someone is entrusted with the operation of their own satellite office, and it requires a tremendous work ethic combined with the determination to achieve. Kate and the rest of the team are very proud to announce that Reggie has earned the assistant manager title recently and are eager to shine a spotlight on him for this remarkable accomplishment. 

Reggie has been rocking it since he joined Evolve Marketing, shared Kate, and she’s sure he will excel in his new position. He has worked very hard and has learned how to keep his own motivation levels high. He is carving out a successful career path for himself and the team has taken great pleasure in watching him grow. 

The Specifics of Being an Evolve Marketing Assistant Manager

The role Reggie has worked himself into is more of a short-term position designed to put the finishes touches on his skills before he takes the reins of an Evolve Marketing office of his own. He’ll be working even more closely with Kate to learn the daily routines required for success as a business leader, such as administrative tasks and strategies for finding and developing talented team members. 

Becoming an assistant manager is also a chance for Reggie to pull together all the lessons he learned during his time in the Young Entrepreneur Program. This is the firm’s specialized leadership training curriculum, which rotates managers through every facet of the company’s operations so that they get a big-picture view of how to run a peer-to-peer marketing business. This also gives executives a chance to see how each part of the company fits together and develop a greater appreciation for the significance of each Evolve Marketing role to the team’s overall success.

Kate is certain that the training and mentorship Reggie received on his journey to assistant manager combined with his determination and tremendous work ethic will help him move on to running his own satellite office quickly. While she and the Evolve Marketing team will be sad to see him go, they are determined to cheer him on and support him as he works toward achieving his goals.

About Evolve Marketing:
Evolve Marketing is where top-rated consultants get their starts. This marketing and promotions agency’s management training program is at the heart of their effective business model. Incoming team members participate in a knowledge transfer experience second to none. Working with seasoned coaches, each person learns the essential skills and develops the right mindset to execute successful one-on-one consultations. They become experts in various facets of campaign development from research on organizations and customers, to how to expand markets, to the skills needed to effectively communicate the missions of the organizations we represent. Learn more about how they drive excellence by visiting evolvemktginc.com.

Source: Evolve Marketing